Buckler Insurance Agency, LLC was formed in the 4th quarter of 2015, and opened the business in January of 2016.  Ted Worrell, has been a commercial insurance broker in the market since 1989.  With over 32 years of industry experience, he has an understanding of the importance of proper insurance coverage and how to provide a higher standard in the industry. He obtained the designation of a "Certified Insurance Counselor" (CIC)  in 1998.  

The name of the agency "Buckler Insurance Agency, LLC" came from a family real estate business that started in 1984 in Nevada.  The name "Buckler" was brought back for this insurance agency today.  The term "'buckler" is a shield. 

Psalms 18:2

We all need a "shield" of protection and the right coverage of insurance is what we provide.  Our commitment is to provide the excellent coverage for each policyholder, excellent prices and the service that you deserve.